Ideas For Theme Night Events For Pubs

Ideas For Theme Night Events For Pubs


Pubs are a great place to unwind from all the hardships of the day. It is considered a place where people go to forget all their worries and troubles. Creating and maintaining an excellent social atmosphere is essential as it attracts new customers and keeps bringing back the regulars. There are plenty of pubs in every nook and corner in today’s world thus if a pub wants to thrive it has to stand out among others by doing something different. One of the best ways to get a new idea for a theme is by surveying the feedback forms.


Usually, in pubs people fill the feedback forms in a fun and creative way thus reading them will help in understanding the customers in a better way. Another great way of brainstorming an idea for a theme is to ask the staff, as the staff usually deals with the customers, they will have a better understanding of the crowd and their requirements.

                  Here are a few ideas for theme night events, that’ll enhance the ambiance of any pub-

     1) Game Night – 

                        Game night is a great way to get the crowd rolling in. Pub owners can hold game nights that require minimal setup such as Darts, Uno, Jenga and many other games. Prices such as 20% of on appetizers and alcohol can be given to the winner which will encourage more people to play.

         2) Costume Parties –

                         A theme like this is an excellent way of attracting customer as people can dress up as they want to. Movies, literature, Mythology, etc are few such themes that can be used at pubs. Keeping a theme such as a costume party allow the customers to showcase their creativity.

theme like dress

   3) Showing sports on a big screen –

                          This one great way of getting sports fanatics interested in coming to a pub. Showcasing the live match of the regional or national sports team is an excellent way of indulging the audience. Offers can be put up such as come dressed in a sports jersey and get upto 20% off on all food and Beverages.

        4) Hosting Tournaments –

                  This is an excellent way of cross-promoting businesses. Hosting tournaments helps the owners and staff to blow off the steam in a healthy and fun manner.  Awards such as giving Shout outs on social media can be given to the winning team. This is an excellent way of maintaining a healthy relationship with other business.

    5) Going retro –

                      Themes such as retro is a great way to attract customers of various age groups. Prices for the best costumes can be handed out such as a free drink on the house or discount on the items the winner orders. Keeping a theme such as retro encourages the audiences to dress up as their favorite actor and actress form the past. An important thing to keep in mind is that the music that the pub plays should be appropriate to the theme or era at all times.

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