Bodevil Theater celebrates the 1st Edition of the Show World Awards

Bodevil Theater celebrates the 1st Edition of the Show World Awards


In Bodevil Theater we celebrated yesterday, September 28, the first edition of the Show World Awards.

With these awards we wanted to thank and reward all areas that come together in our work to promote theater, leisure, culture and, ultimately, the show.

For this occasion, the Bodevil Theater , which brings together the best of theater, cabaret, dinner show, musical, circus theater and acrobatics, became the perfect setting for the celebration of this first edition of the World Awards of the Show.

Among the different award-winning disciplines were radio, television, music and, of course, theater.

The event began around 8:00 pm and, after the photocall and the welcome cocktail, the awards ceremony began.

The gala was conducted by Beatriz Ros , our genuine Madame Dissolue, host of the dinner show The Supper of the Damned , and featured the incredible voices of Keysi and Litus, as well as the imposing acrobatic numbers performed by Julia Sáez, Miguel Ángel Guillén and Gema García, uniting the musical and the circus theater to offer an unparalleled show to winners and guests at such a special gala.

The execution of the ceremony was developed with great success, and more than 200 guests could enjoy several numbers belonging to the two functions that Bodevil Theater has on display, The Supper of the Damned and Delizia, the two dinner show of reference in Madrid .

Later, Isaac Forcada, director of Teatro Bodevil , gave a few words of thanks to the attendees and invited them to enjoy a fantastic dinner.

Next, the winners of the Bodevil Awards are summarized:

Best Radio Presenter: Nuria Roca
Best Radio Program: Anda ya (40 principales)
Best Monologuista: Ernesto Sevilla.

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