It is not a dinner, nor a show, it is both and none at the same time. It is a sensitive and emotional experience, where the public does not get to see the limit between what they see and what they taste, between what they hear and what they feel. Actually, at the BoDevil Theater, the spectator is not just a spectator, he is a guest, a guest to participate in “The Supper of the Damned”, the new cultural and leisure proposal more innovative and risky of how many you have seen.

Fusion of singers and actors in a cursed cast.
Risky acrobats flying over the stalls.
A staff with unusual skills.
A careful menu with eight surprising dishes.
The best live band on stage.
Two hours in which everything can happen.
‘Dinner of the Damned’ breaks the limits of leisure and culture proposals that we have known so far and challenges the viewer to see how far theirs can go.

Neither the disciplines, where theater, music, acrobatics and cabaret are mixed, nor the distance with the spectator, that is involved from the beginning of the show, allow that the predictable and predetermined form part of the essence of this work.